Does your website need an update?

  •   26 June 2016
  •   By Cyber Team
  •   Web Design

Does your website need updating? The reason that you have a website is because as a business owner you're aware that people searching online for goods and services are your potential customers. It's probable that when you last needed a particular service or wanted to buy an item you went straight to your favourite search engine to get the information you wanted.

As we seem to practically live on the internet these days it's imperative that every business has an effective and informative website to attract potential customers and clients. Design and technological trends march ever forward and it's easy to forget that these changes effect not just all the other websites out there but they have a large bearing on yours. This means that you really do have to consider the content and quality of your own website and bring it up to date for modern web browsing.

Your website is your business shop front and its job is to impress and inform potential customers and drive them to buy your products or services. Updating your website isn't of cosmic importance but it will certainly help you to reach your intended audience and here are a few reasons and pointers as to why.

An outdated web design and layout may be putting off customers from contacting you. Design and styling has changed dramatically over the past couple of years and if your website is looking clumpy or is still static and non-responsive then it's time for a change. Today websites need to be light and uncluttered with easy to read content and images that readily represent what your business does today not what you were offering a year ago.

If your site isn't mobile friendly then you are falling way behind and you could find yourself being excluded from search engine returns. It's never been a more important time to have a mobile friendly (responsive) website particularly as Google have indicated time and again that they will penalise websites that are not compliant with their new mobile friendly strategy.

Having a responsive website ensures that your clients can visit your site wherever they are and at any time they choose so if your website is not up to speed for mobile usage then have it updated now.

Some years ago having a busy and overloaded website brimming with content was acceptable but now website design has moved on. Even today some clients are obsessed with their pages being so jammed full of information that is all instantly visible with no need to scroll through the page. This is a bad design idea and completely flawed as it will invariably turn the viewer off and away from the website simply because they can't absorb everything that's being thrown at them.

Website layout should be clean and uncluttered with enough white space to give a stylish and modern look to the pages. Everyone knows that when you're using a mobile device the website will take on a different style and may even change when viewed in a landscape format to that when viewed in portrait format. So styling the pages must take this into account and even for small devices such as smartphones clean and uncluttered should be the order of the day.

Up to date website content is another area often overlooked by business owners as many perceive the idea that once the site is up and online there is no reason for changes. If your visitors arrive at your site and see images or read content that is out of date or information that is now surpassed they will leave. Why? Because there are so many websites on the internet that are on the button and totally up to date that they don't want to waste their time having to check if old details, offers or practices are still current.

You will never be able to future proof your website but as in the property market where location, location, location is king so on the web updating, updating, updating is paramount. Clear current content with a creative good looking modern website layout will enhance your visitors' experience and more importantly will let them know you're ready for their custom.