Get Friendly For Google

  •   24 May 2016
  •   By Cyber Team
  •   Mobile Friendly Websites

Mobile friendly for Google Search In April, Google issued another search engine algorithm review in favour of website visitors, favouring businesses and sites that are mobile device friendly. Previously these kind of updates have been aimed mainly at larger businesses but this new change will have serious effects on all websites whether business or personal that have not yet made their mobile friendly website a priority. Google reckon that around 50% of searches carried out on their search engine originate from a mobile device of some sort. So if your website doesn't meet the new Google standard and pass their test you may well be penalised in search engine results.

Well, what can you do to make sure that your site conforms to the Google standard, is mobile-friendly and you won't get kicked down the search returns ladder?

A page qualifies for a mobile-friendly label if and when the following criteria are recognised by Google’s web spider:

  • Software
    Your website doesn't use software that has no commonality to mobile devices, such as Flash.
  • Readability
    Text is readable without the need to zoom to enlarge it.
  • Content
    Content is sized to the screen so that viewers don’t have to scroll horizontally or zoom in.
  • Links
    Links are placed far enough apart so that they can be easily tapped.

What can you do to check if your website measures up to these new mobile friendly requirements? Firstly enter your website address into the Google website checker to see if your site passes the test. If there is a significant issue with your site you should contact a website developer such as Cyber Team to let you know how to resolve the issue. But be warned, in most cases with websites that were designed before mobile friendly layouts became available or were simply designed as standard layouts a new website build will be required.

In order to stay ahead of your competition and to give your site visitors a proper mobile experience it's essential to have your website fully responsive. If you have any questions or would like to update your website then please get in touch today.