Good Web Design Without Client/Designer Meetings

  •   31 January 2017
  •   By Cyber Team
  •   Web Design

good websites without a face to face client meeting At Cyber Team our websites are produced with not only a desire to be creative for our clients but to provide them with a unique and effective web presence.

As you'll know by now Cyber Team works strictly online and by the telephone thereby allowing us to concentrate much more on web production and design rather than travelling and being stuck in traffic wasting time. Given that we don't actually meet our clients face to face when we are discussing and planning a website what is the best way for a client to develop a long lasting relationship without the meet and greet?

As website developers we believe that understanding your business is the key to a good site. It's true that any web producer can give you a site without setting eyes on you and happily go to the bank but the chances are that they won't listen too much to your present and future needs and actually be interested in what your ambitions are. So before we start to talk web design we need to establish what your business does and how it does it. In other words we need to understand your business.

It's critical for your web designer to know not only what will be relevant for the content of your site in relation to your current business offerings and abilities but also historical information such as length of trading, perhaps why you established the business, your achievements, what you don't want to offer or sell, where you see yourself going and in what time frame. Once we understand the products or services that you offer and what you want your website to convey then we can start the creative process and produce an initial idea for layout and design for you.

Clarity and ease of understanding and use of your website is of paramount importance at this design stage. Succinct and clearly defined information about your business and your offer to your clients coupled with visually appealing content is vital to retain your clients' interest. We will also check your competitors out to make sure that your website offers a better proposition to potential clients and to ensure that there is no clash of design or layout that could cause you any unwanted problems.

It's important that you are happy with both the content and the message that your website is putting over and you can be sure that with Cyber Team preparing your website you are in good hands. If you have a project that you would like to discuss please contact us with your ideas.