"On The Go" Mobile Experience

  •   17 July 2016
  •   By Cyber Team
  •   Mobile Friendly

Responsive website and layout More than ever web users are today browsing online and gathering information from mobile devices. That means that as web producers we need to create responsive web designs. Many users are viewing websites and information portals on small screens such as smart phones but having to concentrate hard and forever resizing or scrolling left-right just to make sense of what may be on a web page. Many standard non responsive pages will simply not display properly or function as they would on a desktop or laptop computer. The result? The visitor leaves the website.

This all leaves the web developer and designer with the need to produce websites that work well for visitors browsing on both mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and even small laptops and equally well on traditional computers such as desktops. Clearly having two websites is not an option so producing what we call a responsive website, a mobile friendly website by any other name, is what is required.

Creating a mobile friendly website these days is much easier given the amount of templates and adaptable sections of coding that are available to produce a site that not only functions well on any size screen but will also detect what size screen is being used. Smart detection of the screen size is probably the most important aspect of recent website coding development so that the correct files and loading information is obtained and utilised.

It's not only coding that is important for the "on the go mobile experience". Images and the size they are displayed at plays a large part in the viewer experience so image clarity and resize-ability is important. Other areas such as clickable buttons, links and typeable text boxes such as in forms can be easily overlooked so these too require to be redesigned, perhaps being larger and brighter. Almost every week sees a new process arrive that allows the web developer to produce a site that will enhance the mobile viewer's browser experience.

As a modern and up to date web designer and builder Cyber Team devote time to planning every website that we produce in order to provide our clients and therefore, in turn, their customers, with an improved mobile web experience.