Those really annoying website features

  •   4 April 2016
  •   By Cyber Team
  •   Web Design

Every now and then we still stumble across them - those really annoying old fashioned cheap websites that someone who thinks they're a web genius has cobbled together. The problem is that they are still being produced by individuals who think they can save money but in reality they contain web elements that should never be seen.

Annoying web features Under construction. What, you're kidding! If it's under construction don't put it online. We don't want to be told there's nothing there, so wait until you've produced the content and then let us read it. Under construction? I'm off to a proper website. By the way, this applies equally to that annoying 'Under Maintenance' page.

Right click disabled! It's really quite extraordinary that people still use this functionality and actually believe that their written content and images can be protected by this lacklustre feature. Twenty years ago it was certainly a way of saying to certain people 'go away and produce something original yourselves' but today it serves to achieve no more than irritate genuine web visitors with an accusatory poke in the eye. If you come across this problem whilst perhaps trying to open a page in a new window or tab then just leave the site and go somewhere worthwhile.

Listen whilst you browse. The only problem with this one is why would you want to? The web producer's music taste is awful, it's too loud and it's totally irrelevant. And by the way, the music file is too big, it slows down the page content and you can't turn it off. Another excellent web idea!

It is surprising, however, that even website designers and developers who should know better fall into the trap of putting pointless noise onto their websites, especially if there is an opening video or slide show on the home page. Why they do it is a mystery because they should be the first to know that a visitor will instantly turn away from the site as it's an incredibly annoying feature, if feature be the word.

Music or background babble should be played only by request, ie by the click of a button. If you want to hold onto your visitors let them view your site in peace.

Annoying web features - contact usHow to contact us. How indeed. Too many websites have a contact us link that opens up with an email link or a page that has nothing more than a short form to complete, which is in itself nothing more than an email. When a visitor clicks on a contact link they expect to have proper and useful contact information clearly shown in a new page. Sadly many new websites are still being produced with too little information about where the web owner is located.

Pop ups that shouldn't pop up anywhere. A very annoying and overused effect by many websites including high quality brand and corporate names. You've just landed on the home page of a site you've made an effort to visit and you're blasted by a 'see this', read that, 'buy whatever', 'click here for something else' pop up. Go away, I'll find what I want on my own.

White space abuse. This is the area around the content of the website (and even sometimes within) which when clicked on either takes you automatically to an advert or opens an ad across your page.

Then there are things like complicated navigation, bad typestyles, broken links, bad images and so on. In conclusion, it's very easy to be high brow and accusatory about other peoples' websites but there really are a lot of features that wind visitors up and can be easily avoided. An aesthetically pleasing, simple website with relevant content is more than enough for most viewers and they will respect you for it.