Friends and Family

  •   11 February 2017
  •   By Cyber Team
  •   Web Design

Make my website friend Funds are tight and every penny counts right now. Why? Because you are about to start up your new business venture and whether you are an independent/self employed trader or you're about to launch your business with a workforce you need as much dosh as you can muster. However, you need a website to compete in the market place and show professionalism but you don't know which way to turn because your mate or even a family member has said they will do it for you.

There are, unfortunately, a number of issues with going down the friends/family route none of which are going to be particularly helpful.

Obviously, talking to a friend or family member is going be a lot easier if for no other reason than you are immediately at ease and everything is far less formal. You're also hoping to get a very healthy discount for the work and so you can save a few more of those precious pennies. However, being asked to hold on for a while another job is finalised or "I've just got to sort out the new client, then I'll be with you" isn't what you want to hear even though they are going to do you a great favour 'soon'. So you wait, and wait and....

Because family and friends relationships are far less formal than supplier/client relationships both sides are equally far more likely to compromise on what is really required and what is going to be provided for your website. If your mate is in a hurry and hasn't the time to properly concentrate on the job in hand, your job that is, you will not get the website that you are after. Corners can be cut on understanding your brief and also on producing the right design, layout and styling that you need to suit your business. Not to mention areas such as taking time to check out your competitors, get the right keywords for your site, working on the organic side of SEO and so on. "Oh well, I guess it will do" isn't what you want to be thinking when you're presented with a rushed or badly thought out end result.

Another major and often forgotten problem with a cheaply knocked out website is the support and help you may need in the future. Who is going to set up your email? Is your friend or relation going to spend time sorting out your website hosting and upload your website once it is finished? The chances are that you will at some stage, probably sooner than you realise, need to update your site, even if it's only a couple of lines of text or a new picture. Are they going to respond to you and get this done quickly or will it be when they've got a moment to spare?

Working with family or friends on a serious project like a website that will portray your business to your potential and existing clients can put a severe strain on relationships and a heavy strain on your nerves. Using a professional website designer like Cyber Team will take the strain out and away from you and leave you free to run your business and have a happy relationship with your family and friends.

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