Terms and Conditions

Our Terms and Conditions page outlines information about how Smart Single Page Web operates and how we produce websites for you and any other products and/or services that we may provide to you.

Please read these terms and conditions carefully as you must agree to them before booking with us to design and produce a web site for you.


(a)We, us and our means and/or relates to Smart Single Page Web being a trading term of Cyber Team also known and refered to as Cyber Website Solutions.

(b)Our business opening times are Monday to Saturday from 8am to 5pm UK time defined as GMT. We are not open on Sundays, Public or other Bank holidays, Easter Weakend, Christmas Day or Boxing Day.

(c)Cost and/or charges are defined as charges for producing your website and any other associated products or services.

(d)You, your and client means and/or relates to you the user of this web site and/or the purchaser of any services and products provided by Cyber Team, the operator of Smart Single Page Web. This web site and all its contents is the copyright of Cyber Team - All rights reserved.

(e)Section(s) of your website page means each individual area that contains information or images about you and your services the size and volume of content to be determined by us.

(f)When you agree to having a website produced by us you must inform us in writing by sending us an email acknowledging your request.

Terms of Useage

By using this web site you agree to be legaly bound by these terms and conditions and our privacy policy. Cyber Team may without notice change these terms and conditions and we will not notify you or any user of this site or of our services of these changes on a business, personal or any other basis. Please review these terms and conditions regularly to be aware of any changes made to them.

Contact details

You may contact us by telephoning us on 0800 030 5154 or on 07910 696361, or by email at: mypage@smartsinglepageweb.co.uk. You may also write to us at Smart Single Page Web at Cyber Team, Ampress House (007), 15 Lymington Enterprise Centre, Ampress Lane, Lymington, Hampshire SO41 8LZ. We do not accept visitors at this address.

Web site production

We will design, produce, upload and manage your website. You will not have access to coding, upload, ftp or other areas relating to the production and management of your website.

The prices stated in our Smart Single Page Web page are guide prices only although we do strive to produce web sites within the parameters of the costs shown. Full and final costs are completely dependent upon the nature of the work required and the time taken to carry out that work. If you require a written quotation in the form of either a letter or an email it will be sent to you upon request before work commences.

We require a full payment of 100% before we commence any work. Once your web site is set up and online if you have asked us to produce any extra work for you we require full payment for that additional work within 5 working days. Failure to pay within this timescale will mean your website will be taken offline immediately and without notice. Re-instatement will take place only when all owed funds are received and cleared. See also under Disclaimers below.

Charges are in Pounds Sterling (£).

You can pay for your products and services by the following methods:
credit or debit cards;
bank transfer;
via PayPal.
If the cost in us providing products or services to you increases we reserve the right to adjust the Charges and bill you accordingly at any time.
If you choose to cancel your agreement with us for the production and management of your Website, you will not receive any form of refund.

Changes and amendments made to your site after you have accepted and approved the design and checked it for literals, content and image correctness and the site has been put online will be charged at £35 per hour or any part of an hour with a minimum charge for one hour. Further amendments and alterations will be charged according to the complexity and time involved. Once changes have been made and are online we require full payment for work carried out within 5 working days. Failure to pay within this timescale will mean your web site will be taken offline immediately and without notice. Re-instatement will take place only when all owed funds are received and cleared. See also under Disclaimers below.

We produce your web site based on material such as information, details and images that you provide us. We will not be held responsible for any inaccuracies or misrepresentations within your web site as a result of this material being incorrect or misunderstood or any other consequence of the misusage of this material by us or any third parties.

We will not be held responsible for the meaning of nor the implied meaning of any part of the content of the web site we produce for you. You agree that any information and details whether written or spoken and provided by you or interpreted by us are correct and you indemnify Cyber Team from any actions arising from any mistake howsoever caused.

Any photographic material or images supplied by you are assumed to be yours and the right and use of any copyright to be owned by you. If you supply us with any images for use on your website as produced by us you indemnify us against any action taken by any third party against us in respect of breech of copyright for that image or those images.

We will endeavour to produce a web site for you to the best of our ability in any respect and we will not be liable for any losses incurred by you and/or any other persons relying upon the useage or availability of any web site however and whatsoever promised to you.

Domain Names and Hosting

The .co.uk domain name registered and supplied to you as part of one of our standard packages applies for two years only. Any other TLD name is registered for one year only and you will be charged a minimum of £20 for that name. After this time it is your responsibility to pay for and finance any continuance of this domain name. We can of course arrange this for you and will try to accommodate to the best of our ability any request(s) from you regarding the domain name.

The hosting of your web site applies for one year only and after this time it is your responibility to pay for and finance any continuance of the hosting of your web site. We can of course arrange this for you and will try to accommodate to the best of our ability any request(s) from you regarding the hosting of your site. The monthly bandwidth of your Starter Package website hosting upon allocation of your website is 100MB per month. If this needs to be extended we can do this for you at your request. Please contact us for charges for this service. The monthly bandwidth of all other Packages is 500MB per month. If this needs to be extended we can do this for you at your request. Please contact us for charges for this service.

Whilst we register your domain name for you and provide you with hosting for your website at the cost shown in our website you are not entering into any form of contract for the domain and/or hosting services in relation to the length of service for the service(s). Although you have paid for and are using these services provided by us you are free to cancel at any time. A refund will not be issued. Once you have cancelled you can move your website and/or domain name to another service provider of your choosing. We will not be responsible for any website domain and/or hosting services not provided by us and will not assist you in any way whatsoever to set up those services.

We use various website hosting companies for our domain name registration and website hosting. We are not part of these companies, we are not affiliated to any of them nor do we have any stake in any of them. However we do believe that they give good value for money and have a good and genuine reputation and pedigree. We suggest these companies to anyone who asks us for recommendations. We beleive that they have a good and acceptable online uptime for their hosting services and try to provide a good service for internet use. We do not and will not use these companies exclusively but if we have reason to use another web domain name provider and/or hosting company we will not inform you. By agreeing to our terms and conditions you also agree to the terms and conditions as stipulated by any one of these companies for domain name registration and hosting and you give us permission to accept their terms and conditions on your behalf when booking services to put your website online. Please contact us if you need to read the terms and conditions of any of these companies.

If there is a problem with the hosting of your website and it is deemed by us or by a party or parties appointed by us to advise and/or represent us that your site hosting should be moved we will move your web site hosting to another web site host provider of our choosing and we may inform you that we are doing so.


Under no circumstances whatsoever will we be responsible nor liable for any losses or damage (whether such losses or damage were foreseen or not) as follows:- loss of data, loss of revenue, loss of credibility - personal and/or professional, loss of goodwill, loss of opportunity, loss of reputation, any losses whatsoever suffered by third parties, and any indirect, consequential or special or exemplory damages arising from your use of our services or any of our suppliers or contributors.

Neither we nor any third parties provide any guarantee or warranty as to the accuracy, totalness, time or timeliness, quality or availability of any service or services offered on this website nor any third party web site for any particular purpose.

If for any reason whatsoever your website is closed down or suspended we will endevour to but we do not guarantee to reinstate your website within thirty working days. If your website is suspended for non payment of monies owed to us we will reinstate your website only when such owed funds have been paid to us and payment has cleared and then only within thirty days of payment received.

Your use of or action upon any material or information supplied within this web site is entirely at your own risk for which we are not and shall not be liable. You must satisfy yourself that any products or services offered throughout this web site are to your satisfaction and meet your specific needs.

Unauthorised use of this web site and its contents may be a criminal offence and may give way to prosecution and a claim for damages. Your use of this website is subject to the laws of England and Wales.


The copyright of this web site and its content is owned by Cyber Team. The copyright of any web site produced by Cyber Team is owned by Cyber Team and you may not copy, distribute through any means available now or in the future, reproduce, sell or offer to sell, transmit or store any part or parts of that web site without our written permission. Nor may you distribute it on a commercial or any other basis without our written permission.